MVS Ostia 110×10,50 general cargo

Vessel typeBosco
Vessel typeGeneral cargo vessel
Main engineCaterpillar 3512C - 1512BHP
Hull yardShipyard Severnav, Roemeniƫ
Completion yardAsto Shipyard
ClientAsto Shipyard

Costum made inland general cargo vessel.

We designed a costum made inland cargo vessel, for an expierenced client, who is transporting goods over the Rhine and her side rivers for decades. A streamlined design, with well ballanced features concerning her installed power, speed and fuel consumption ratio. After six months of service, her low fuel consumption is noticable. The vessel has a semi-walled midpart, giving her 3200cbm cargo capacity. BV classified as inland general cargo vessel / dangerous goods / grabloading notation. Back