Oranje Nassau V en VI Duplex chemical tankers 110×14 – 5000DWT

Vessel nameOranje Nassau V en VI
Vessel typeDuplex Chemical tanker
Deadweight5000 DWT
Hull yardChina
Completion yardDen Breejen shipyard
ClientOudcomb B.V.

Chemical inland tanker, Duplex cargo tanks, S.G.1.6. cargo capacity 5000 DWT.

Shipbuilding solutions made a complete new design inland tanker with 14 duplex cargo tanks, in close cooperation with the owner Oudcomb B.V. We developed a new lightweight cargo zone construction, however still capable for cargoes up to a density of S.G.1.6. In the design we processed new developed streamlined body lines, creating a well ballanced speed /fuel consumption level. In combination with a triple azimuth propulsion with medium sized propellor diameters, will make these barges especially suitable for transporting cargoes on low river drafts starting at 1.25m on even keel. Back